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Watch Dogs PC graphics mod

It happened with Skyrim and GTA V in the past, so most gamers expected a Watch Dogs PC graphics mod as well at some point after release. This is why some people only play games on a PC, and that’s due to the modifications that can be made with the help of a talented community.

The screenshot you see above reveals how Xbox One and PS4 owners would love to see Watch Dogs graphics, but this level of detail is currently only possible on PC thanks to a graphics mod by one fan that loved what developers did with iCEnhancer.

This PC Watch Dogs graphics mod adds a lot of extras like civilian density, lighting changes, LensFlares, rain drops that react to light, LoD and reflection improvements, stuttering improvements, and much more to give a higher level of graphic detail.

You can see a number of screenshots here in this forum thread. This mod is currently at version 0.7 and there’s many more improvements planned, but for now head through the link to download and get install instructions.



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