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Samsung Galaxy Tab S vs. Pro vs. Note specs breakdown

Samsung does like to give you plenty of choice when it comes to tablets and smartphones, and the Galaxy Tab S is a fine example of that. This is the thinnest that Samsung has to offer, even thinner than the iPad Air in fact, but how does it compare to other devices from the brand?

We can fully understand why some of you will be confused as to which Samsung tablet to purchase because you have the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab Pro and now the Galaxy Tab S has been welcomed into the fold.

Each tablet has something different to offer, but you will be forgiven for thinking they pretty much do the same thing, and it is for this very reason why CNET came up with two charts that looks at how the 8-9 inch and 10 inches and up Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Pro and Note compare specs wise.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S vs. Pro vs. Note

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S specs breakdown compared to the already popular Tab Pro and Note looks at all the most important aspects of these tablets, such as dimensions, and weight, and it is clear to see the newer tablet has the edge.

Next being compared are the processor and RAM, and again the Galaxy Tab S is far better than the other two models, and it is pretty much the same story throughout the comparison.

If looking at a specs comparison chart does not give you what you need, then maybe the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 vs. Note Pro 12.2 video below will be more of a help. We have also compared the Tab S to the iPad Air, so see how the two compare against each other.



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