iOS 8 beta 2 now live

- Jun 17, 2014

We knew the iOS 8 beta 2 download would likely be live for developers at some point today or yesterday, and that time has arrived with the release notes being updated to reflect changes with the latest software update. In this second preview we hope to see a number of fixes to services such as Handoff, although we are yet to get hands-on and offer Product Reviews readers more insight into the changelog.

In the coming hours we’ll list exactly what changed, and will test how iOS 8 beta 2 performs with our developer compared to the first release. In particular, we hope to see Handoff working smoothly on an iMac running OX X 10.10 preview 2 with that download today as well.

Some apps have been working great in iOS 8 like Forge of Empires and others have had problems like WhatsApp, so today we’ll also look to see if WhatsApp is now working in the second beta. It’s good to remember, the WhatsApp developer might need to fix issues and release a new version later this year around the time of the public launch.


Settings crashing and camera roll issues – after installing iOS 8 beta 2 on both an iPad mini and iPhone 5, we’ve noticed the previous problems with the settings screen opening then crashing are gone along with the photo roll issue.

Changes within the iOS 8 beta 2 release notes will be listed below in the next couple of hours and the latest build is 12A4297e.

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  • Emmanuel

    Battery drain since beta 2 iPhone 5s

  • Raj

    Whatsapp worked for me only after i cleared all my old conversations.

    iPhone 5S – Model A1530

    • Kametrixom

      There must be a better way, I don’t want to delete all my history (not working for me with iPhone 5, Model A1529)

      • Raj

        The only solution i see is only have to wait for a few more Beta releases…

        • Matthew

          Anyone tried disable iCloud backup first before using it on iOS 8 beta?

    • Channa Edirisinghe

      it used to work in beta 1 when old conversations were cleared. but some particular text formats “if” or “fi” makes whatsapp to crash

      • Raj

        thats a very careful observation Channa… well done
        Whatsapp still crashes.. have to delete the chat and start a new chat again.

  • Danny Dodge

    Does Ios 8 beta make the ipad 3 slow down or is it running nicely? I don’t know if I want to try it or not

    • Evan Stoll

      The speed seems pretty much the same as it was running 7.1.1 to me (iPad 3 64GB CDMA). Some applications remain perfectly functional, while others (such as RD Client) behave abnormally, but this is to be expected in the betas. Speed doesn’t seem to change that much, at any rate, though it might differ from person to person.

      • Danny Dodge

        Thanks, good to know!

        As long as garageband and infinity blade work and the OS is not too slow or laggy, I’m happy 🙂