GTA V online servers down for some

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 17, 2014

It looks like the GTA V online servers are down for some people today thanks to issues with needing to download files. This problem started after the 1.14 update arrived and at first it was thought this was an issue with demand, although Rockstar point out it’s some other type of glitch.

You can see our article from earlier about an error message telling users files are required to play GTA Online, although these gamers have already updated but might not have some other files that get installed when you connect to GTA Online for the first time after updating.

We’ve seen a number of tweets from players like the one below, which explains when they try to connect with friends online they get an error message pop up related to files being needed.

This problem is happening on Xbox 360 and PS3, according to the tweets being left by gamers. We’ve included some more feedback being left at Rockstar Support in the tweets below. Feel free to leave your issues in the comments on this page, especially if they’re related to the current files being required.

It looks like certain GTA V online servers are down that supply these files, or at least not working. Rockstar keeps repeating the same message on the official Rockstar support Twitter channel. This basically tells gamers they’re “resolving this issue as soon as possible”.

Have you had problems connecting to GTA Online servers today? Do you get the message about more files being required from Rockstar?

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  • wowgivemeabreak

    That company has become such a pathetic joke. There was a time where you could count on them to have solid QC yet now it’s nothing but bug after bug and with Online they are also changing things that weren’t broken and in the process are breaking other things or making the things they changed worse.

    I almost don’t want the next Red Dead game for fear they’ll screw it up.