GTA V Heists release time with Hipster update

By Alan Ng - Jun 17, 2014

As most of you are well aware, Rockstar are running out of time for the GTA V Heists release date. Many gamers are expecting the update to land on Tuesday June 17, but we have new information which once again threatens to ruin the release of Heists in GTA Online.

We have told you numerous times that June 20 is the official end of Spring 2014. Rockstar had previously promised that Heists would be out before then and with Tuesday usually the day in which we receive new GTA V updates – the countdown has seemingly reached zero.

At the time of writing though, the GTA V 1.14 update is not live yet but is expected at any moment. As everybody waits for that though, something big has turned up with regards to the leaked GTA V Hipster update.

Information is growing that the next GTA V update could be this Hipster update, or the GTA V ‘I’m not a Hipster’ update as it is also known. This update is thought to be coming with 7 new vehicles, new weapons and even more new jobs to play through.

There is no update from Rockstar on the Newswire page yet but we can see that four of the seven of new vehicles have already featured in older GTA V games – these include remakes for the GTA V Glendale, GTA V Blade, GTA V Rhapsody and the GTA V Panto.

New GTA V Hipster update weapons could include the Vintage Pistol and the Antique Cavalry Dagger – which could turn out to be the GTA V ‘Bowie Knife’, which we previously told you about in a separate report here.

Either way, it is both exciting and somewhat scary information. Exciting if this Hipster update is included with Heists, but obviously very frustrating for most of you if this Hipster update is going to mean a Heists release delay once again – not worth thinking about is it?

We have a feeling that Rockstar will reveal the crucial information on their website soon. Let us know your thoughts on the wait for Heists and now your initial reaction to this potential Hipster update.

UPDATE: GTA V 1.14 has gone live. It looks like it does indeed add the Hipster update, but not Heists. Give us your reaction and findings below.

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  • ruru

    They prolly won’t come out with heists until we get closer to the next gen system releases. It will give them more hype for the release. Its a bunch of bull

  • Joe

    Still Not Heists. Still Not Happy. These Muscle cars suck too.

  • Nicole Crook


  • Yet another crappy “update” from R*. And no heists. What an insult.

  • Darren

    Oh wait, the 6 wheeler is in the war stock cache and carry. $249,000!!!

  • Darren

    yep its online too

  • Darren

    yeah i got the update with the new cars, only one really decent one- the 6 wheeler. theres even a “smart car” lol. and got a new gun too. Only tried single player so far, going online now to check it too

    • lWavyRayl

      are u on xbox?

      • Darren

        no, ps3 and in australia

        • lWavyRayl

          damn ok

        • Den

          on Xbox type Hipster into bing and download it there, I’ve had it 30 mins already on xbox in the UK

  • Sara

    Live update and DLC but no heists yet again 🙁

  • Hey

    Heist? I dont Find

  • Chill will

    I dnt see cars yet what u talkin bout

  • Airsoftelite

    Police mode.

  • rojocube

    I’d love the T Rex and the spyder motorcycle for a new vehicles

  • Blah

    Got a crazy 6 wheeler in army store and rest in normal car store

    • terry

      You’re f****** nuts bro there ain’t no new vehicles

      • Majin_Romulus

        He’s not wrong.

  • Blah

    Got cars

    • dude

      what kind of cars? where do you find

    • dude

      what kind of cars? where do you find

  • TheEvilsoda

    Just got an update aswell, same results as The Mole. No major changes

  • The mole

    Just had the update this morning and unless the dlc has to follow later it looks like it’s an update to fix things only

  • scary_joe

    I would rather they fix the current issues such as the freezing and glitching as well as the “item not available” when trying to have crew emblems on the back of jackets before adding heists to the game. It’s broken, fix it.