GTA Online files required error hits thousands

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 17, 2014

Thousands are reporting that GTA Online has problems after the Hipster 1.14 update went live, and we’ve heard from some of our readers as well claiming to get an error message in GTA V’s Online mode since updating.

The error message appearing states, “Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from the Rockstar Games Service. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later”. This might be due to the demand for getting today’s patch, or it could be some other issue with Rockstar’s servers with some services being down.

Are you getting errors in GTA Online today after installing the 1.14 update, especially if related to files being required to play in a multiplayer session?

We got online right after the update went live, so everything installed fine without any problems connecting to GTA Online. Now that the UK, USA, and many other countries will be trying to download the GTA V 1.14 update and Hipster content it’s likely this issue will be due to demand. You can take a look at some new Dubsta 6×6 gameplay in an earlier article.

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  • slacker03agi

    yup just happened to me

  • Theogelista Leocardi

    I just got this error today. I’ve been playing GTA online smoothly for about 30 mins and I decided to take a break. Hours later I’m playing again and I choose the option to play online at the startup screen only for it to tell me that I don’t have the files recquired to play online. I’m aware that people get other errors in regards to playing GTA online on a daily basis; but now I think it kinda sucks that I’ve become a victim of this nonsense as well. I never had these problems prior to the 1.14 update. I don’t want to throw myself a pity party,but I’d greatly appreciate it if someone has found a remedy to this issue. Thank you for your time.

  • just_me

    I got NO problems at all. I have enter in a invite only session and I have bought and play a loot and no problems.

  • qimmer

    Same alert here in Denmark!

  • Ron

    i just bought a new disk got the patch and now the game won’t load and its looping on ps3 im tired of this bs with this game now

  • MarcUK2014

    Same for me. But you know when you usually leave online and go back to game mode, and it takes you to your character’s random place in the game? Always different? Well I THINK its somehow connected to this? Cos online works seemingly dependent on where abouts your story mode is. Don’t know the tech aspect of this but there definately seems to be a connection.

  • weeloudawg


  • John

    My hipster update downloads fine but it 1 or more content packs are missing. I tried deleting all gta v updates reinstalling them and still isn’t working please help!!!

    • Julien

      Same Here

    • cpchase

      How do you fix this !?

    • schwartz2001

      Did you try restarting the game?

  • John

    Same here

    “Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from the Rockstar Games Service. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later”

  • Sam Skwirl

    Rockstar down for maintenance. 4:51 Eastern

  • Sam Skwirl

    Crock of sheitte, classic hipster fail.

  • Mike

    I downloaded the patch then it said I had a pack missing that I needed to play even though I had them all. I turned off my xbox and I could get online, but now when I try to join a job it sends me to campaign mode.

  • Chad

    Have the files, no online. Tried restarting, deleting the files and installing them again, nothing. Sort it out R*

  • tony

    Rockstar releases an update and the game doesn’t work? What a surprise..what about those heists…that were supposed to be released with the game almost a year ago?

    • Sam Skwirl

      Most of the crap they make is faulty.

  • lou

    i have an error where it keeps telling me to download content packs that i already have, does anyone else have this or am i the only one???

    • Mike

      I did, I turned off my console and it worked.

    • Sam Skwirl

      No, it’s just you buddy.

    • Gary

      I got it too. I keep d/l’ing it but it just keeps telling me that I need it

  • Dalton

    Having this error. It actually did work for me immediately after I updated (I was able to access online) but after I left for lunch and came back it started doing this.. won’t stop, even after signing out and etc. Annoying.

  • Jon

    Xbox actually has a service alert on their website that’s screwing with some online games. Maybe there’s some connection here.

  • Scott

    Hope it gets fixed soon. Here in UK having same problem, playing off XBox 360

  • Ang

    Here is South Korea. Exactly same error here. (I’m using Xbox 360.)

  • Shadow

    same here getting the same error.

  • Ghed365

    Smfh come on rock star…

  • Lookatme

    Same message here.

  • A1axx

    Me too ffs.

  • schwartz2001

    I just went to get the dlc and it says I cant connect to R* services. Then I went to online to see what was going on and it gave me the files error.

    • schwartz2001

      It decided to let me download the dlc seconds after I posted this. Still no online though