Watch Dogs DLC Mobster suit availability

By Alan Ng - Jun 16, 2014

For those that bought the Watch Dogs Season Pass, one of the fantastic bonuses that is available is the Watch Dogs 1920’s Mobster costume that transforms Aiden Pearce into a cool looking gangster.

We have taken this costume for a spin and concluded that it looks significantly better than Aiden’s usual appearance. Even better when you are able to take this costume into any of Watch Dog’s online modes to show it off to other players.

The problem for standard players though is that this costume seems to be entirely exclusive to the Season Pass or Ubisoft Uplay Exclusive Full Rewards Pack. Those who have this costume also have access to the M1 SMG Tommy Gun for an even better look.

At the moment, there is no indication that this suit will be made available for general purchase, but hopefully if the demand is there we will see it in future. For now, it remains a great incentive to get the Season Pass if you really want to don the Mobster suit.

We’ve been having great fun with it so far, but what about you? For those players that have access to multiple Aiden Pearce costumes, let us know which one is your favourite so far.

For those that only bought the standard game – would you pay a small fee to unlock the mobster outfit and tommy gun as micro-DLC?

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  • emerald

    I would buy micro-dlc of the mobster costume if it was available. $5-$10 would seem reasonable

    • Dean

      Dafuq are you smoking? a $10 outfit? on a full $60 AAA game? You must work for EA or something

    • La Crika De Tu Mai

      $20 for the season pass