The Witcher 3 water graphics unrivalled

If you tuned into E3 2014, one of the most eagerly anticipated reveals was undoubtedly The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Fans were given a fresh preview of the game, but now we have some even more gameplay for you to enjoy which you may not have seen yet.

More importantly, it could give you the first glimpse of The Witcher 3 inventory screen, showing off some teases of the equip and item systems in the game.

The most striking aspect of this particular video though is the mesmerizing graphics that you will witness – particularly the water effects that feature in the game.

We’re not sure about you, but we think The Witcher 3 may be unrivalled as one of the best looking games of 2015 when it is launched on PC, Xbox One and PS4. This video will give you a good look at how the game is shaping up, but pay close attention to the stunning water ripples that you can see at 2.50.

We thought Skyrim was a beautiful game, but this really takes things to a whole new level. Even much so, that gamers are actually worried that they will have to upgrade their graphics cards to play it on PC at a reasonable level.

We just hope that the tradeoff on console won’t be too severe and that PS4 and Xbox One owners will be enjoy to enjoy this masterpiece in the making as well.

Enjoy the new gameplay below and give us your reaction to the latest graphics build. Is this one of the best looking games that you have seen for many years? Name one game which you think may be able to rival The Witcher 3 in the graphics department.



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