Paul the Octopus predicts Belgium Vs Algeria

Those of you who are missing Paul the Octopus at the 2014 FIFA World Cup can breath a sigh of relief as the now infamous World Cup mascot has made a return. Google is bringing Paul back for one day only with a special Paul the Octopus Google Doodle that is now live on the Google homepage.

More importantly though, Paul the Octopus is attempting to predict Belgium Vs Algeria – one of the key highlights for World Cup 2014 fixtures on Tuesday June 17.

We loved seeing Paul the Octopus throughout the 2010 World Cup, so it’s fantastic to see Google inject a dose of humor into World Cup festivities with a piece of artwork that we think everyone will enjoy.

In this particular scenario though, it looks like Paul is struggling to pick a winner. The animation style reminds us of something out of Family Guy or The Simpsons, so take a look at it at and let us know what you think – bearing in mind you may not see it yet depending on your timezone.

Is this the best 2014 World Cup Google Doodle that we have seen so far? Google seems to be providing us with a fresh one each day which is fantastic.

Let us know your thoughts on the new Google Doodle and if you wish Paul the Octopus was back in a more official role in Brazil. Also feel free to help Paul out with your own Belgium Vs Algeria prediction below.



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