New PS4 update with Share to Email

By Alan Ng - Jun 16, 2014

With Sony not offering any new features for users to play around with on PS4 1.71, attention has turned to the forthcoming PS4 1.72 release date and hope that new functionality is coming for the next update.

One feature that we would like to see that hasn’t been discussed yet though is PS4 Share to Email. We’re not sure about you, but having only two core locations to share to isn’t very ideal with regards to the limitations on Twitter and Facebook.

It is a simple feature we are sure, but perhaps Sony are not planning to add it simply because the demand hasn’t been heard yet from the community. Allowing instant PS4 shares of HD images direct to email though would be fantastic in our opinion, so hopefully Sony are listening.

If Sony wanted to, they could add another icon next to Twitter and Facebook, allowing screenshots to be sent to an email account that you can set up and then save in PS4 settings.

We understand that the PS4 interface is a work in progress though and Sony are slowly but surely – getting it right with the PS4. 3D Blu-Ray, MP3 support and DLNA are likely to be top priorities, but we would still like to see PS4 sharing to email added to the 2014 list of things to do at some point.

Would you like to see this added in too this year? Let us know what PS4 feature you would like to see, but hasn’t been discussed in length yet. Make your voices heard below.

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  • Me

    They have been working on integrating youtube. That is a lot better than email which not many people would use, I know I wouldn’t. Also mp3 support wasn’t going to be one of the first things they added considering it is a GAMES console.

  • Blazin_28

    I want the following:
    1.Organization options
    2.Playmemories App
    (An app to play AVCHD video files)
    3.mp3 support chat like on PS3
    5.instant resume feature.
    6. My personal favorite… The remote play feature they talked about where I can spectate a friend playing then they can give me the option to take control of the game and help them out.