New Battlefield Hardline beta codes for US, UK

It looks like Battlefield Hardline fans are in for a treat this week. After seemingly being closed for business, Battlefield Hardline beta invites are open again with EA now handing out a new wave of codes to both PC and PS4 users.

Those who signed up after E3 should now be receiving a Battlefield Hardline beta code direct to their inbox, as the official Battlefield Twitter page has told those who signed up to check inboxes – including junk folders.

If you are lucky, you should have a code sitting in your box right now, meaning you can jump straight into the action and join those who are currently enjoying the beta on PS4 and PC.

Be patient though as we have already seen that despite the Tweet from Battlefield, many gamers are yet to receive a code. We imagine that the process does take a while though, so hang in there.

Once you get in, you’ll be able to preview the High Tension map that everyone else has been playing since E3. Now is the chance to get in, let us know if you have received a code within the last few hours, or if you are still waiting.



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