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Destiny PS4 alpha servers still working

The Destiny PS4 alpha servers are still working in the UK and USA, according to our readers and Bungie themselves. The test should have ended around 7 hours ago, although on our last check everything is still up and running.

Since the Destiny alpha test started on PS4, we’ve had a full weekend for gamers to get stuck into this new game and the feedback has been really positive overall.

Today, we received feedback about Destiny alpha from Product Reviews readers and noticed a tweet on Bungie’s official Twitter channel. You can see the tweet below, which basically explains they’ll extend the alpha test period for now thanks to some experiments.

It’s not clear exactly what they mean by “dangerous experiments”, and tweets in reply to the above message mostly include people asking for a code. Whatever happens, the beta will follow next month and you’ll have another chance to get hands-on with Destiny on PS4.

Are you still playing Destiny alpha on PS4? If so, let us know if you notice anything different while playing today.



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