iOS 8 beta 2 release date pinpointed

- Jun 17, 2014

We expect iOS 8 beta 2 to hit its release date tomorrow, June 16, which follows a clear pattern seen with iOS 6 and iOS 7 betas. The second beta for the past two major software upgrades launched for download exactly two weeks after the Apple WWDC keynotes, so with this in-mind you can count on seeing the iOS 8 beta 2 download in just over 24 hours time.

Looking back, the first betas released on the night of Apple’s WWDC keynote for at least the last couple of years. The date for Apple’s WWDC 2012 keynote was June 11 with the second beta arriving on Monday, June 25, then in 2013 we saw iOS 7 beta 2 release on Monday, June 24.

In 2014 WWDC took place on Monday, June 2, so this pinpoints the iOS 8 beta 2 release date for Monday, June 16. It’s not clear exactly what the release time will be, although Product Reviews will update our social channels when the download is live.

If you’re one of the 9 million plus developers, what would you like to see fixed within iOS 8 beta 2? Personally, the settings crashing needs to stop, Photos need to show last taken on camera roll after taking a picture, and some of our developer readers have complained about iOS 8 battery drain thanks to location services.

iOS 8 beta 2 features

It is true iOS 8 is currently in beta form, although there’s some features that should be working right now like Handoff and this isn’t the case, or at the very least they aren’t working correctly. We’ve been hands-on with new Apple features like Continuity, although there’s a lot of problems with a service that should work “without any changes”, according to Apple. To start Handoff working, you in fact have to change enable a cloud setting within OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

You can take a look at the full iOS 8 release notes in an earlier article.

Update: iOS 8 beta 2 is now live.

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  • melbieaz

    Everytime I post to FB within the app, it stays stuck on the post. It DOES post to FB, but then it reloads to the actual post and I have to click discard but then it loads it right back up again. They only way out of this was to uninstall and reinstall FB. I’ve also had apps freeze and not close and the only workaround is to hit the power button and then unlock it and then I am able to close out the app. Pinterest app loads but when I try to click a pin in my feed, it crashes. Chrome will only show an error page. Those have been my biggest issues with this beta so far. Looking forward to the 2nd one!

    • Raj

      Exactly! i had this same issue when i wanted to post multiple photos in FB. Have to uninstall and install again. havent posted anything after that though.

    • Eddie Hines

      I got the SAME EXACT ISSUE. will using PAPER help? I will test it now.

    • Eddie Hines

      Paper app works fine on updating status. testing upload of photos…now

    • Eddie Hines

      uploading of photos also worked so for now, use PAPER instead of facebook app until facebook is fixed. I already sent a bug report to Apple

    • esail

      yeah just get a windows phone(8.1) and you will never look back.

  • what time when released does it usually pop up?

  • Alex Blaha

    Beta 1 on the iPhone 4S is really buggy and slow, hopefully beta 2 fixes a fair amount of that. I’m thinking that because my phones storage is almost full and that I didn’t restore and update, just updated to iOS 8, that it caused some issues with it. Also the updating process didn’t go so smoothly. On that last loading screen before it turns on it froze so I had to do a hard reset which then it went smoothly from there.

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    No Issues iPhone 5 32G. Looking forward to the 2nd beta though

    • Bodom420

      No issues?
      You obviously don’t do much on your iPhone then.
      I’ve had lots of random restarts to the Apple logo and I know this isn’t their fault but many apps don’t work anymore, like Chrome for example.

  • Zach

    I couldn’t get the QuickType to work

    • Gryphus785

      click and hold the smiley face, and an option to turn it on and off appears. Took a while to figure it out in IOS 8.

      • Raj

        like DR234 mentioned… the quick type or the predictive keyboard in on and off occasionally…

    • Raj

      Predictive Keyboard seems to have disappeared in Beta 2. :/

  • DR234

    I don’t really get all the people having so many issues. Only like 1 non stock app doesn’t work for me so far. Battery improved quite a bit. My battery use to run down in maybe 6 hours standby 2 hours of use. Only goes down about 20 percent in 5 hours now. Only big bug I had was settings crashing but that’s only if I close it in multitasking and reopen it. Predictive turns on and off occasionally. Then last night trying out betas of iWork for iOS 8 they kept crashing making the wallpaper go blank. Beyond that everything is running smoothly. I’m on a 5S 16GB.

    • jake

      videos dont play in facebook. many apps such as settings, camera, spotify need to be closed out and reopened to work. apps crash and freeze when switching to landscape mode. messages app doesnt have a keyboard every now and then. bluetooth audio streaming is having problems.

      • spider80080

        I had the same issue. It keeps on popping a message saying unable to play video. check your internet connection and try again.

        • Raj

          Beta 2 has this issue fixed 😀

  • Daitron Winston

    I don’t know if you guys remember or not, but last year, MOST of the crashing issues and stability issues weren’t addressed until iOS 7 beta 4… so, I’m not expecting to many fixes in the next 1 or 2 betas. But fingers are still crossed. As far as apps like Vine, Instagram, will be fixed after the developers for those apps make changes for iOS 8. This sucks because I use Google+ so frequently, now I have to use it from my macbook.

    • Raj

      wat!!!! Until beta 4??? Oh no :O

  • Thomas Roberts

    Does anyone else have problem with your iDevice randomly restarted and crashing apps? I cant multitask while facetiming and i cant send videos on snapchat everytime i click send it crashes?

    • Majestic Chicken

      I haven’t tried multitasking while using FaceTime, but Snapchat does crash whenever I click send on videos as well. Guess we’re stuck sending pictures until they update their app for iOS 8 in the fall.

  • Raj

    apps like whatsapp, viber and line has issues. crashes most of the time.
    yeah the camera app dosent show the last picture taken.
    phone hangs and make a soft reboot now and then.

    waiting for beta2 with some of these issues being addressed…

    • ibrahim barbour

      Yea exactly whatsapp is useless everytime i open a chat it keeps on crashing or it will let me send like one time and then crash. The phone reboots by its self sometimes . No dedocated camera roll album in the photos app. Predictive keyboard comes and goes as it wishes. Typing more than like 20+ characters in the URL bar in safari for a google search makes safari crash. The phone keeps on requesting location data all the time even if I chose that it should never use it for particular apps but it still does which makes the battery drain much much faster. Playing videos from the web usually just go mute in the middle of the video. Even the bug reporter app has so much bugs .

    • Zoheb Khan

      if whats app is crashing then go to settings and clear all conversation and it will work fine…!!

      • Raj

        thx for the tip. initially i wanted to do it but was just worried about losing all the conversations. was hoping Beta2 would fix but it didnt.

        Anyways now that i have cleared all my old conversations. whatsapp works fine.

        Thank you

  • Pie

    The replying from notifications to text things is very slow for me, and buggy. The predictive text bar constantly opens and closes too.

  • adamzack

    has anyone with ios 8 had the same issue with me that the music on your phone stops after 1 or 2 songs?

    • Turd Ferguson

      Yep the music is my most frustrating part. Hope they fix!

    • Tristan

      yes! and my iPhone resprings once every 5-10 minutes.. battery drain from it is horrible.

    • Eddie Hines

      that’s the same bug from ios 7!!! They should have fixed that already!