Next GTA V update in 2 days, PS4 1.72 unlikely

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 23, 2014

Today, we just wanted to remind Product Reviews readers about the Grand Theft Auto V 1.14 update and Online DLC expected next week thanks to an earlier statement by Rockstar about their add-on roadmap, which included a number of new weapons, cars, and online expansions over a few weeks.

You can expect the GTA V 1.14 update to release in just 2 days time thanks to this being the last Tuesday before the end of spring, and Rockstar has proven with past patches that this is their favored day of the week to deliver an update. GTA V’s Online mode will also receive Heists this Tuesday, which is the multiplayer update gamers have desired for many weeks.

We previously expected the new patch on one of two dates and with the last week seeing a number of GTA Online maintenance updates, it became evident that Heists will receive a release date on the last Tuesday of spring.


GTA V 1.14 launching, PS4 1.72 update unlikely – it is pretty clear the next Grand Theft Auto patch and new Online features will arrive next week, unless there needs to be a delay from Rockstar’s original spring release window, but the same cannot be said for the next PS4 system firmware.

The 1.70 firmware landed on PS4 back at the end of April, then we saw 1.71 launch on June 3, so with these releases in-mind it’s unlikely we’ll see another update within 7 days unless it’s for security reasons. We’ve seen a lot of our readers desperate to see new features added by the PS4 1.72 update like 3D support, DLNA, and much more

Will you finally be glad to see the GTA V 1.14 update along with Online Heists DLC? Also, what other bugs would you like to see fixed with both GTA V and the PS4 system itself?

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  • Booby

    They came out today on the 17th
    I don’t think heists are included

  • zacattack

    I believe heists wont be out until the current gen releases. Then…MAYBE. And when it does, it will be such a disappointment. You guys dont think you are really going to get a couple Bn like in SP do you? MAYBE like 30K… it will be lame, and all your bitching will be for nothing.

  • Born to kill

    Yo anybody knows when exactly the patch will come out

    • Booby


  • Budd Hurd sobutthurt

    Rockstar lives like rockstars, they do what they want, when they want. But one reason they’d push back the release of the update, which i will refer to as “Update X” (because it sounds cool), would be because of the ridiculous amount of people modding and exploiting the game, you can’t even play a public lobby anymore without someone being “that guy”. Yes, modding games is fun, but can we all wait to do this until AFTER Update X releases? they keep having to waste time and money fixing problems with what they already have running, before they release new content that they will eventually have to patch, because people ruin things.

    • Born to kill

      Thats true

  • James Garrard

    The Heists will be in the new Hipster Update, can you not all stop complaining like idiots for once and let rockstar release it when there good and ready

    • Nate Stross

      You are only idiot who believes in a total BS rumor of Hipster DLC

      Stop watching DomisLive

      • Born to kill

        Yup stop

        • You know i’m right.

          Heists are never coming out, give up waiting.

      • Kyle

        You must really feel like an idiot now that the “I’m Not a Hipster” Update released today. If Heists were coming out, it would of been hyped till your ears couldn’t hear anymore hype. DomisLive is right 99.9% of the time. If you took time to watch his vids, you would see how precise his guesses are. They’re not even guesses! He finds these through files and coding, so he is ALWAYS right when it comes to updates! Next time you want to believe the BS of Heists coming out unhyped, research on the next update, okay?

  • king royale

    hey Love your articles but I have to call BS. If heist were coming out tomorrow R* would be promoting the crap out of it. sorry not tomorrow , not to mention the valentines dlc came on a friday, so they do what they want, when they want. probably heist will come out end of june cause they can’t miss the month but they will prolong this for as long as they can.

    • Den

      Actually R* confirmed it would be out by the end of Spring which is Friday 20th June, therefore it stands to reason it’ll be released Friday. Though I’ll admit it is strange they haven’t hyped the crap our of it this week… unless they’re pushing it back yet again.

  • Kyle

    If the next update comes, it will most likely be the Hipster Update. Heists will have to wait a while.

    • Nate Stross

      You’re an idiot if you believe this totally made up rumor of Hipster DLC

      • Kyle

        I’m an idiot you say? Then what is this update that came out today? The “I’m Not A Hipster” Update? Oh, wow! I’m the biggest idiot in the world to believe a rumor which was backed up by coding, files and other reliable proof! I hope you’re smart enough to sense the sarcasm.

  • Corey

    “Will you finally be glad…”

    Again, you are glad, not finally glad. Your consistent use of inappropriate adjectives is hilarious.

    • James Garrard

      oh dear, get a life instead of picking faults with everything

      • Corey

        When the articles have info and content, I will have something to consider and focus on other than the horrendous grammar. Until then, I have no other thing on which to comment.

    • Skylinedrifter69

      they meant that the people that were not happy with no hiests will finally be glad. so you’re wrong.

      • Corey

        No. That’s not how you ask such a question. There is no “finally glad,” it’s not a verb like in “finally arrived.” It’s an adjective.

  • Corey

    Oh we can expect to receive a release date unless there is a delay. More brilliant writing which provides no real information.

    And FYI, you don’t RECEIVE a release date. It is released, or it isn’t. That’s all. Do you receive a Christmas date on 12/25? No.

    • Skylinedrifter69

      lol. BTW do not use (FYI,BTW).

      • Corey

        Use capitals if you’re going to attempt to act knowledgeable.

  • M Smith

    Considering the fact that Rockstar always announces that an update is coming out at least 5 days before it comes out, means that I seriously doubt it will be released Tuesday. At most we can hope for an announcement sometime this week. I personally don’t think they will be even be released this month. I’m guessing they’ll be released in the fall to celebrate GTA going to next gen.

  • Bran

    It is coming on Tuesday, Rockstar said last day of spring and that is June 20th. This only leaves up to Friday and we know Tuesday is their day to release updates, so it’s not lies like EIVIoTiONz thinks without understanding Rockstar, unless he knows they are going back on their word.

    • Skylinedrifter69

      today is Tuesday and it is the 17th. so you’re wrong. next Tuesday maybe. idk.

      • Skunk

        They don’t update at midnight u moron

  • EIVIoTiONz


    • Trevor Bierau

      Not lies. Speculation

    • Nicole Crook

      Right when i see it I’ll believe it