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Angry Birds Epic unlimited lucky coins warning

Angry Birds Epic is finally available worldwide, with the latest game in the series having first been released in select countries. We have a quick heads-up though, as we can already see that some players are making use of Angry Birds Epic lucky coin hacks to gain an advantage.

Since the game is single-player only for the time being, Angry Birds Epic cheats may not have too much bearing on the game as opposed to if Angry Birds Epic launched with online multiplayer.

It’s still a problem though for Rovio as players somehow find ways to enable naughty features such as Angry Birds Epic unlimited coins, unlimited heath and all enabling all weapons and unlocking all heroes.

The game is free to download, but Rovio employs a traditional in-app purchase system which allows players to purchase lucky coins for faster progress – even giving players an option of buying ‘tons of lucky coins’ for over $50.

With some players finding ways around this though, we may see further updates to the game which will employ even tighter security measures. Angry Birds Epic is certainly one of the most popular games on iOS, Android and Windows Phone right now and we’re surprised it has taken as long as it has to reach other countries.

Have you been playing this game and are tempted to look for free ways to get hold of Angry Birds Epic lucky coins?



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