BioLite campstove Kickstarter for electricity from fire

From time to time a great product gets launched on Kickstarter, and we are always happy to see someone’s design get the attention it truly deserves. More often than not a target is not met, but from time to time a special product comes along that blows its target by a huge margin, such as the BioLite campstove.

We have seen something very similar from them before, but that was a less advanced version called Campstove. BioLite understands that there is clean energy all around us, and so got to work on creating something even better in order to harvest that energy.

The BioLite CampStove that we mentioned above was also a Kickstarter program and that reached its target back in 2012, but BaseCamp takes things to a whole new level.

BioLite campstove

What we have here is a product that will allow you to cook, grille and charge some of your electrical products, such as smartphones and tablets, meaning you can enjoy a great camping experience without having to carry any extra equipment to charge those products up.

You can learn far more about the BioLite campstove that creates electricity from fire by watching the video below. However, we just need to tell you that the goal was to raise $45,000 and with 44 hours to go $923,278 has been raised, and so will go into production in October.

The price for the BioLite campstove is $299, and for that you also get a free carrying case. Visit Kickstarter for more details.



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