Crackdown 3 gameplay tech abilities on Xbox One

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 13, 2014

It is amazing how some older videos make a lot more sense a few months later, once they’re put in perspective, and this includes a Microsoft Cloud Gaming Prototype for Xbox One that we now know was a demo of Crackdown 3 gameplay technical abilities.

You can see Microsoft’s cloud tech demo in the video below and while this isn’t full blown Crackdown 3 gameplay for Xbox One, it’s certainly the first time gamers got to see the project and most people didn’t even know this was Crackdown 3. The E3 2014 trailer can be seen in the second video as well.

The YouTube page for Microsoft’s tech demo has comments a couple of months old, but there’s now plenty of fresh feedback just a few hours old after many gamers realizing this is in fact Crackdown 3.

We still want to see a nice long Crackdown 3 Xbox One gameplay video, but for now this clearly confirms Crackdown 3 will be using the cloud. The destruction elements look great and this opens up fan imagination, and many want to now see how this will benefit Xbox One in detail.

Microsoft’s cloud processing will handle a lot of the load, which then allows the Xbox One to keep away from processing and frame-rate problems.

The tweet above is by Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, as you can see he also confirms this early demo is Crackdown Xbox One. We still have a long wait until the release window, somewhere in 2015, but this is good thanks to a lot more development needing to be done.

Are you looking forward to some crazy destructive environments in Crackdown 3 on Xbox One?

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  • XbotMK1

    So delusional moron?

  • Az

    Don’t be stupid, Marhorn. If you’re an Xbox / Microsoft fan, that’s fine. No need to start up the “This game will kill Sony / Microsoft” argument. No-one who’s ever mentioned it has been right. Ever.

    You have a preference, that’s fine. No need to act like you’re 12 over it, though.

    Xbox is getting Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends and this.

    PlayStation is getting Bloodborne, No Man’s Sky, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us: Remastered, Ratched & Clank, Drive Club, and The Order 1886 – so PS has the upper hand there.

    Xbox is $15, monthly. PS is $5. Another win for the PS.

    With the monthly costs, PS owners get access to 100+ free games, Xbox get around 20.
    PS: 3 – Xbox – 0,

    A lower price tag on the PS4 than on the Xbox in most stores.

    All of that coupled with the fact that the PS is the more powerful system (not opinion, fact. That’s why PS has so many exclusives this time around. The developers have more power to work with) and Microsoft / Xbox come in second place. No doubt about it.

    A quick Google fact check would see that everything I’ve said is true. Anyone still clinging to the hope that their precious Xbox is the superior system is fooling no-one but themselves.

    This is coming from someone who has a PS4 with PS+, an Xbox One with XBL Gold, and a PC (even though PC is my preferred platform). I’m not here spouting any “master race” bullsh*t, just stating facts.

    It’s time everyone else grew up, and accepted the truth.

    • OhRyanT

      I like how you call him a 12 year old for saying how he says this will kill Xbox, but then proceed yourself to go on a rant about how PS4 is better. Lol, it is you who is stupid. Silly hypocrites.

  • marhorn

    So goodbye Sony?