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Phantom Dust PS4 jealousy after Xbox One exclusive

One of the most surprising E3 2014 announcements had to be Phantom Dust on Xbox One. The younger generation may not realize that the game is actually a remake of the same game that originally appeared on the Xbox back in 2005.

Ten years later though and we are going to see a return for the unique, but enjoyable action strategy game. We don’t know who the Phantom Dust developer is yet, nor do we know if original creator Yukio Futatsugi is behind the project again.

We do know that the game will be a reimagining of the classic original, but will feature enhanced graphics and brand new gameplay. Thankfully we do have a trailer to show you which gives you an exciting tease of what to expect but sadly no Phantom Dust Xbox One release date yet.

While Xbox One owners are going to be very happy to see another exclusive on the way, PS4 owners may have taken a look at this game and decided after E3 that they would like to see a Phantom Dust PS4 release as well.

With Microsoft Studios publishing again though, there is zero chance of this happening so don’t hang on to this possibility as Phantom Dust is strictly Xbox One only.

Is this a major coup for Microsoft judging at the first gameplay? You have to agree that the exclusives side of the Xbox One is looking very good all of a sudden with the likes of Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive both on the way soon.

PS4 owners, is Phantom Dust a game that you can admit to being disappointed about? We loved the debut trailer, so hopefully we get some proper Phantom Dust Xbox One gameplay soon.



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