New Apple store Tokyo pre-opening video

There’s a new Apple store opening in Tokyo tomorrow and Apple has uploaded a short video to YouTube, which reveals some behind the scenes footage of staff getting everything ready.

The new Apple store is found in Omotesando, Tokyo, and the grand opening is set for under 24 hours time on June 13, 2014.

You can see a number of timelapse moments within the video showing some of the preparation that took place over the last few days. This includes stacking shelves with stock, setting up demo products like iPods, iMacs, and iPhones with a look at the store all finished at the end of the video.

Have you ever been to an Apple store opening day? If so, what store was it and how did you find the experience?

We’ve included the Apple store Omotesando pre-opening video below this article. There’s a lot of staff featured during the video and we’re sure there won’t be that many on the day, but you never know with Apple and especially if they’re expecting this Tokyo store to be extremely busy on its opening day.



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