Luis Suarez to Real Madrid affects FIFA 15 cover

There are constant rumors suggesting that Liverpool FC player Luis Suarez will make a move to Real Madrid in the Summer. A world record fee is being talked about on social media, but if the move does happen it probably will force EA to make a decision in terms of the FIFA 15 cover.

We have just had the game officially confirmed during E3 2014 and after Luis Suarez’s amazing season for LFC in which he picked up all of the main individual awards, he is now odds on to be selected (at last) as the primary FIFA 15 cover star ahead of Lionel Messi.

We predicted that this would happen here, but now we could be in a situation where lightning may strike twice. Remember that for the FIFA 14 cover, Gareth Bale was selected and the game originally shipped with the player in a Tottenham shirt.

However, shortly after the FIFA 14 box art was originally published, the player then made a world record transfer to Real Madrid forcing EA to alter the FIFA 14 cover with Bale in his new shirt.

As the months progress and rumors continuing about Luis Suarez to Real Madrid, we could see the same thing happen again – the FIFA 15 box art is released with Suarez in an LFC shirt, only for EA to change it to a Real Madrid shirt if the transfer goes ahead.

This is also usually against the publishers tradition of keeping the FIFA 15 UK cover exclusive to players that only play in the Premiership – will they have to make an exception twice?

It will be interesting to see where Suarez ends up next season – as we all look forward to the 2014 World Cup start time in a few hours, let us know your thoughts on this.



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