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ITV player down during World Cup 2014

It looks like the opening match between Brazil Vs Croatia at the 2014 FIFA World Cup was not a happy experience for everyone. We have been contacted by some angry consumers who found out that the ITV player went down for maintenance whilst broadcasting a live stream on the ITV Player.

With ITV having won a victory over BBC for televising the first game of the World Cup in Brazil, this was the worst nightmare scenario that once again haunted viewers. Those using the ITV player during the 2010 World Cup will remember the broadcast skipping to an advert during a crucial England goal.

Now, an error just as bad happened again last night, causing embarrassment to ITV who were forced to issue an instant apology. Here is what ITV said on Twitter during the aftermath when ITV player went down and was under going maintenance.

Unsurprisingly though, those trusting ITV to put on a good service were unmoved by the apology and are still angry about it hours later. Here’s one example of how some users reacted on social media during the early hours after the match.

Consistency is the key word when it comes to providing World Cup 2014 live streams, but unfortunately it is another high profile error for ITV. Will the broadcaster be able to get it right when potentially even more UK consumers tune in to England Vs Italy live on ITV player on Saturday night?

Let’s hope so. Give us your reaction if you were also watching via ITV player.



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