BBC vs. ITV for World Cup 2014 coverage

With just hours to go until the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, football fans across the UK are braced for another TV coverage showdown between BBC and ITV. This time, it looks like ITV has emerged victorious as they’ll show more of England’s World Cup matches live compared to the BBC.

Those planning to tune in online should have BBC iPlayer and ITVPlayer ready to fire up as well. 2014 World Cup live streams will also be available via BBC and ITV’s main sport websites – as long as you are a UK resident.

This includes a Brazil Vs Croatia live stream which you should be able to watch directly on ITV’s website close to kick-off time. The BBC will be able to boast that they will show the first England World Cup game with England Vs Croatia live on BBC1, but after that it is all about ITV.

Some of you may prefer the BBC World Cup 2014 schedule with included match analysis and commentators over ITV, but you will have to put up with ITV for England’s remaining games. Uruguay Vs England and England Vs Costa Rica are both live on ITV only so you will have to use the ITVPlayer for that if you are unable to tune in on TV.

Digital media has become massive in recent years and it looks like the BBC and ITV will rely on it heavily to attempt to offer you the best coverage online.

Let us know which channel you will be tuning into the most. Do you prefer match coverage from BBC or ITV?



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