Battlefield Hardline beta code for PS4, PC luck

Battlefield Hardline is coming later this year, but the big excitement right now is the sudden Battlefield Hardline beta that is live for PS4 and PC, which was announced directly after E3 2014.

Unfortunately, trying to get hold of a Battlefield Hardline beta code on PS4 and PC is proving to be very difficult. As far as we’re aware, the Battlefield Hardline free code giveaway has now ended, with participation reaching max capacity and EA now offering sign-ups for the next scheduled beta test.

Eagle-eyed PS4 users may have spotted that the PS4 Battlefield 4 live tile was initially offering access into the Battlefield Hardline beta straight from the PS4 home screen.

Confirmation of this can be seen in the image which was captured above, but as far as we’re aware this live tile for Hardline was only visible to certain users and has now disappeared with entry full.

EA are now offering alternative access to the Battlefield Hardline closed beta here, which you can sign-up to and join the queue in the hope of getting in next time. It’s well worth your effort though, since a sign-up will automatically score you some instant digital items for Battlefield Hardline such as a few weapons and some dog tags.

You could still get a code though if you are lucky. Do a search on Twitter for Battlefield Hardline beta code and you’ll see that some users are still giving codes away as an act of generosity.

Did you manage to get into the Battlefield Hardline beta on either PS4 or PC? Let us know if you still need a code as those who have spares may offer them below for you.



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