PS Plus July 2014 update PS4 predictions

Are you enjoying Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate and Trine 2 as the free PS4 games for this month’s PS Plus update? While many PS4 gamers are content with the offering, others are already looking to see and hoping that Sony improves on the quality of games in time for the PS Plus July 2014 update.

We now know that we will be getting two PS4 games each month for free, rather than one game that will last all year – since RESOGUN has now expired and Sony will essentially match what Microsoft are doing with two free Xbox One games per month with Games with Gold.

Now that Sony’s E3 2014 conference is finished, there is massive anticipation in the air on not only the free games that will be offered next, but the potential for PS4 betas access too with Destiny already confirmed to be available for PS Plus members soon.

With Pixeljunk and Trine 2 available now though, gamers are hoping to see something better in July. There are obviously no big hints as to what games we will see since it is still very early, but we will do our best to keep you updated with any whispers regarding the update as we have done since the start of the year.

As you can see from one Tweet above, one gamer is optimistic in hoping that Sony will deliver The Last Guardian for PS4. However, since the elusive game was once again a no-show at E3 we highly doubt that this will be happening.

Do you already have one eye on the PlayStation Plus July 2014 update? If you were slightly disappointed about the June update, let us know what you would like to see instead next. If you could predict the two games, tell us what you think they will be below.



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