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Mortal Kombat X PS4 gameplay live

Today, we have seen the best look at Mortal Kombat X yet with PS4 gameplay along with commentary spanning almost 14 minutes. This E3 2014 reveal is also in much better quality, so this showcases the PS4 graphics a lot better than previous videos.

You will see some new characters joining the classics we all know and love, but in the new version these characters take things to another level with a number of variations for each Mortal Kombat X character and many enhancements.

If you saw the reveal trailer with a buy-type lady, D’Vorah, now you get to see the real names in this Mortal Kombat X gameplay found below. You’ll also see Scorpion getting finished off with a fatality move that rips holes in him, then you see his face eaten with some sort of bees.

Another match will see Ferra/Torr vs. Sub-zero, take a look at the Mortal Kombat X gameplay to see why there’s two names for Ferra/Torr. The game is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, but not until 2015.



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