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BBM app for Windows Phone

Waiting for the BBM app to release on Windows Phone is like waiting for paint to dry, this is because there has been talk of its release for ages, yet its availability still eludes us. We do know that it won’t be long, but then we have heard that ever since MWC earlier this year.

Since BBM was expanded to Android and iOS it has enjoyed great success, although I did delete it off my iPhone shortly after installing, as it wasn’t for me. However, there is no denying how popular it is with a certain demographic, some of which yearn for its release on Windows Phone.

Lack of BBM app for Windows Phone update – The last we heard was that BBM for WP would come pre-installed on the Nokia Lumia 630, which will no doubt be used as a form of beta testing to see how users get on.

It is the hope that if the app proves successful on the Lumia 630, then the widespread Windows Phone version of BBM would follow soon after.

BlackBerry really do need to have BBM on another platform as the more BBM users there are, the more the company will be worth because it would mean the app will be able to generate more income from advertisers.

We would understand why BlackBerry would make Windows Phone users wait a couple of years back, but the platform is very mature now and so should have gotten BBM a couple of months back.



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