2014 World Cup infographic highlights security

The very first World Cup 2014 game kick-off time is just over 29 hours away and if you are in the UK there is a good chance that you already have your lager in and enough snacks to keep you going for several hours.

However, while you are sitting in the comfort of your own home, spare a thought for those who have traveled to Brazil in order to attend one of the many matches set to be played over the next month. Now we know some of you will be concerned about security, as some parts of Brazil does have a reputation.

Thankfully, a new World Cup 2014 infographic helps to highlight just how much Brazil has spent on security in order to safeguard the wellbeing of the 3.7 million tourists expected to visit on the area during the world cup.

By the numbers – There are to be 100,000 police used during the World Cup in 12 cities, along with 57,000 troops from the military. The cost of this is expected to be around $855 million, compared to just $175 million spent in Africa 4 years ago.

Technology will also do its bit to make certain you will be safe while visiting Brazil during the World Cup, as there will be 30 robots, which will be used to investigate any strange looking objects.

Are you shocked that Brazil has spent 8 times the amount South Africa did on security for the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Infographic thanks to NBC News.



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