Upcoming PS Vita, PS4 games in E3 2014 sizzle

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 10, 2014

If the full Sony E3 2014 conference video is too much for you, then give PlayStation’s two new sizzle videos a try found below our article. Uploaded to YouTube today, you’ll see a tease from E3 showcasing upcoming PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 games to get your juices flowing for what you might want to spend money on over the next year.

The first video features upcoming PS Vita games that gives you a tease of what to expect soon. The official PlayStation YouTube channel named these videos “E3 2014 sizzle”, and it’s clear to see why after watching them.

Again, in the second video you’ll be treated to more E3 sizzle with upcoming PS4 games thanks to the 2014 teaser. Sony warn that some of the content found within these videos might be “inappropriate for children”, so count yourself as warned.

What’s your thoughts on the new games being teased within the PS4 and PS Vita lineup? Did you get a glimpse of a game you really want to get hands-on with, if so what title?

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