Minecraft PS4 announcement trailer on PS

- Jun 10, 2014

PlayStation gave us a closer look at Minecraft PS4 with its announcement trailer during the E3 2014 press conference, and we’ve got that video below this article. This will be pure excitement for fans of Minecraft, although you can be sure there’s plenty of gamers not understanding why this game has such a following and would be desired on the new console generation.

The Minecraft announcement trailer also gives you a quick look at PS4 features along with graphics, again this is something certain people will be confused about. As we saw in one YouTube viewers comment, “It’s 2014 and there are PS4 games coming out like this only to confirm that consoles suck”. Personally, we couldn’t disagree more with comments like that and considering the PC got Minecraft first, it just explains how some gamers are misinformed.

There’s lots of PS4 support for Minecraft as well, as seen in this comment “Getting my PS4 tomorrow, Minecraft is going to be awesome when it releases later this year”.

Will you be picking up Minecraft on PS4 and if so, what do you love about this building block game? Take a look at the trailer below, then leave a comment with your thoughts on the PS4 version and the Minecraft franchise in general.

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