GTA V PS4, PC, and XB1 release trailer

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 10, 2014

Finally, we now know that Rockstar will launch Grand Theft Auto V on PS4, PC, and Xbox One thanks to a trailer that went live within the last couple of hours. You can see the just over one minute video below our article that delivers the news we have been waiting for, although this is not a GTA V PC and PS4 release date millions wanted it’s good enough.

GTA V now has a fall release window for the new platforms and thanks to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 hardware being able to deliver much more than PS3/Xbox 360, you can expect enhancements.

Rockstar explained how the new generation systems will help to offer much more, and these users can expect an “ultimate open-world experience”. It is hard to tell what Rockstar mean by ultimate and if this reaches our expectations is yet to be seen, but from what we’ve seen in the trailer below we’re very impressed.

Are you happy to finally see GTA V coming to these platforms? The new GTA V PC/PS4/XB1 trailer features a little gameplay as well, and you’ll notice right away how much better the graphics look from this tease. The PC petition was about to hit almost 800,000 supporters, and this would have been seen by Rockstar at some point in the last few weeks.

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  • Ian Toledo

    can i get gta 5 on psp vita.?or pc free version..? and what web page do i have to go to download gta 5 plss help me . . .

  • GTAVforFree

    Very silly releasing the free version (PC) at the same time as the PS4/X1. Nobody will buy iton the consoles for $100 when it is free on the PC. Especially when players can use hacks/mods to have instant access to all the money/guns etc without having to earn them. I thought R* were smarter than that. Maybe they made enough out of the last gen sales, that they are happy to not make anymore money. Can I get a free version on the PS4 if that is the case as I bought the PS3 version?