GTA V PC system requirements imminent

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 10, 2014

Now that GTA V has been confirmed for PC, it’s the system requirements these people are looking for and some are even sending Rockstar messages directly trying to find out if their computer setup will handle the latest Grand Theft Auto game.

What are the system requirements for the PC? This is the exact question we’ve received from Product Reviews readers along with seeing Rockstar quizzed over the finer details as well. Gamers are leaving comments on almost all recent blog posts asking when will Rockstar tell PC owners the system requirements for GTA V, although there’s been no direct reply at this time.

Rockstar mentioned within their next generation trailer article that more details will be coming in the next few months. This will no doubt include GTA V PC system requirements, but we doubt these gamers will want to wait that long to get the finer specs needed thanks to wanting to get prepared with their current gaming rigs.

We will also find out in time if there’s any special editions for PC retail, and some people wonder if the retail version will use “Steamworks or be similar to Max Payne 3”.

One PC gamer said, “My setup includes 8gb DDR3, 770 gtx @ 2gb, i5 3550k, and 120GB SSD. I hope it’s enough for the settings I want”. It is hard to speculate what specs will be needed thanks to that depending on the level of optimization.

Do you think your PC specs will handle GTA V? Now we’ve seen the new generation trailer, it will be interesting to see what gaming rig will be needed for GTA V on PC in 1080P high settings or ultra.

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  • should i upgrade or not

    anyone think i should upgrade or not. i think its time for me to upgrade though. gta is the only series that makes me spend money on games. its the only reason i purchased a xbox 360 for gta iv and another one when gta v came out, also the only reason i upgraded my pc. gta iv and max payne now its time to upgrade again currently have sabertooth 990fx fx8120 @ 4.3ghz 16gb ram and crossfired 6870 oc editions. i wanna build a new system based on intel that last intel based system i built i was 15 years old (almost 10 years ago) but think i’ll add a ssd, some new gfx cards like a titian or a r9 290x and crossfire/sli at a later date

    • ilikepie

      you don’t need to upgrade, it’s good enough for ultra graphics with ok fps i’m pretty sure