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Netflix HD streaming with Safari 8.0 in OS X 10.10

Netflix HD streaming is set to get a whole lot faster and smoother once Safari 8.0 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite is released later this year. Safari is already one of the fastest web browsers, but with the introduction of version 8.0 later this year, you can expect new and improved web standards, such as HTML5 Premium Video Extension support, WebGL and SPDY.

With these new features you will now be able to watch two hours more Netflix HD videos if running OS X Yosemite on a MacBook running on pure battery power. Having said that, if Apple were to release a new MacBook Pro, then we expect that time would increase even further, but only if it is released with the new Broadwell chip.

Safari 8.0 will be eight times faster than Firefox, but that is based on the current version of Firefox, and will no doubt be updated before Safari 8.0 is released. However, we don’t expect it will be able to make up that kind of gap, and so if you have a Mac and run third-party web browsers, then maybe it will soon be time for you to choose Apple’s version instead.

Netflix HD streaming with Safari 8.0 in OS X 10.10

Apple understands just how important it is to get the most from Safari and OS X 10.10 while streaming Netflix HD content, as this is a service that has grown in popularity, but we cannot wait to see real-life results.

It is all very well Apple making such claims, as they did during last Monday’s keynote, but what we really need to see is if these numbers add up, and that will only happen the moment that you and I get our hands on the new version of Safari and OS X.



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