Microsoft E3 2014 live stream, blog feed, and countdown

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 9, 2014

The Microsoft E3 2014 press conference will take place today with a live stream, blog feed, and plenty of news coverage during the countdown to the event. Today, we wanted to remind our readers about Microsoft’s E3 press event start time and give you a countdown clock that makes it clear exactly when the keynote will begin.

You can watch the Microsoft E3 2014 live stream either on, within the Windows Phone app, Spike TV, or on your Xbox One and 360. The start time is just over 7 hours away at the time of writing, which works out at 9:00AM PDT. You can see the full 2014 E3 conference schedule with times for each keynote within this article.

There’s plenty of live blogs taking place, if video coverage is not your thing, and you’ll find them easily by visiting Polygon,, IGN,, and on many more popular technology websites.

What do you hope to see revealed during Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2014 keynote? We’ve embedded a Microsoft E3 2014 live countdown below until the press conference start time, so feel free to bookmark this page to make sure you don’t miss what will be revealed for Xbox this year.

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