Lazar Markovic to LFC with FIFA 15 90 rating

While Manchester United fans are excited about the potential of Luke Shaw joining from Southampton, it appears that all of the excitement is at Liverpool FC with a wide selection of players rumored to be joining the club.

We have already told you about Rickie Lambert and Emre Can which are confirmed,Adam Lallana which is still in progress and now we have a new one for FIFA 14 players to get excited about.

Now, we are hearing Liverpool FC transfer news suggesting that Lazar Markovic could be moving to LFC for the new season as well. As far as we’re aware, this transfer will happen if Liverpool cannot secure a transfer for Adam Lallana.

On FIFA 14, Markovic on paper has a poor rating of only 74. He has not received any in-form cards throughout the season for Benfica, but that hasn’t stopped talk on suggestion that the player could be something special.

One FIFA video below that we have included talks about the fact that Markovic is so promising, that he could end up with a rating of 90 overall – which we would love to see happen on FIFA 15.

Then again, EA are notoriously stingy when upgrading players, so it is highly unlikely that we would see a player jump from 74 to a 90, despite a major transfer on the cards.

For those FIFA 14 hardcore players out there, let us know what you think of Lazar Markovic to Liverpool FC, in time for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Do you really think that the player is 90 rating potential, or perhaps close to 80 instead?



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