iOS 8 battery drain by location services

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 9, 2014

After gaining feedback on iOS 8 beta 1 for a few days, our developer enjoyed using the new features but found the first version to contain more bugs than the iOS 7 beta 1 last year. There’s been a lot of crashing and lagging within certain areas of iOS 8, although most recently they’ve expressed concerns over battery drain due to App Store location services.

Apple included a new feature in iOS 8 that allows users to monitor battery usage at the app level, so this will let iPad and iPhone users get to the bottom of battery life problems much quicker.


You can see the menu tabs for app battery usage in the image above, or see more details on this within our article detailing our quick hands-on with this new feature. You even get details on native app battery usage, allowing you to find out what apps use the most battery from 3rd party and default installs.

Security feature for iPad Air 2

iOS 8 battery drain by location services – not only did our developer touch on issues with App Store location services draining battery fast, but we heard from Product Reviews readers that are also developers. With almost 10 million Apple developers, our news reaches thousands of these people. One commenter stated, “App Store location services drains my battery in an hour flat”.

If you’re an Apple developer using iOS 8 beta 1, how has your battery life been since installing? What fixes would you like to see arrive with beta 2?

We’ve not seen drastic battery drain on our test iPhone 5 running iOS 8 beta, although the settings app crashes a lot and the UI has been lagging at times. Thanks to this being a very early beta, we expect performance to improve a lot within the next couple of betas.

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  • DR234

    Who even uses location services in the App Store? It’s only use is to find apps near you? It’s kind of a silly feature. Also I’m waiting to install until beta 2 is out I think. Once beta 2 releases I’ll install beta 1 then OTA beta 2 within a day. Thankfully Apple tends to give weeks between betas an not only a day or two.

  • Jacob Panas

    My battery has drained and One day i didn’t use my phone the hole day and ive got my battery drained 100% in a day and I have the 5s with no apps running

  • Dylan

    My 5s was fine for a week Now the battery is draining fast I can see the location service icon stuck on in the home screen quitting mail seems to make it go away

  • Kevin James McAllister

    My iPhone 5s seems to be handling ios8 pretty well as far as battery goes. I’ve had some apps crash a bit more than expected, but my main apps seem to be working fine for the most part. My battery only drains really quickly during time lapse photography.

  • Muhammad usama

    I have to charge my phone ever 2 hours