GTA V Heists DLC launch clue by server work

There are some rumors suggesting that we will see GTA V Heists launching on Tuesday June 10, the same day that we will see many E3 2014 press conferences. However, we told you hours ago that an influx of GTA Online maintenance is coming which may now mean a longer wait to see the GTA Online Heists release.

Rockstar has revealed that they will be taking down GTA Online this week and during the GTA V down time it looks like nobody will be able to connect to Rockstar’s servers.

The developer has confirmed this here, revealing that GTA V maintenance will be happening on both Tuesday June 10 and Wednesday June 11. Rockstar has specifically said that GTA V is down at 1am Eastern Time on Tuesday morning and don’t know when it will be back online.

With this in mind, it should be a heads-up not to expect the GTA V 1.14 update to arrive on Tuesday, if the servers are going to be down. Rockstar cannot provide a time when the GTA V servers will be back up, so it tells us that it is a fairly serious issue that they need to fix up.

We know that Heists has been promised for Spring, which means that the big clue due to maintenance is GTA Online Heists DLC to now launch on Tuesday June 17 instead. The maintenance this week could also be laying the groundwork for the update to happen next week so we’ll have to see if there’s any hints after the maintenance has finished by Thursday.

Are you expecting the GTA V Heists release date to land on Tuesday June 17, right before the end of Spring officially, which is June 20? Rockstar sure likes to keep gamers waiting.



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