Alexis Sanchez transfer fuels FIFA 15 upgrade

There is big talk of a Alexis Sanchez transfer to Liverpool FC, which is making potential FIFA 15 owners very excited indeed. LFC have already signed a few players during the transfer window, but now FIFA players may be braced for Liverpool to attempt to sign one of Barcelona’s star players.

Liverpool fans will naturally be excited at the prospect of signing a Barcelona player, but at the moment it looks like these rumours have no substance and Sanchez could even end up at Manchester United next season.

In FIFA 14, Sanchez is a very solid player. He started with a 82 overall card but good performances for Barcelona has resulted in a second in-form upgrade to 84 as you can see from the image above.

Some players are already saying that Sanchez deserves an upgrade in FIFA 15 though, with perhaps an 85 a more fairer reflection of his abilities and current progress at Barcelona.

He only has an 86 for shooting though on his 84 in-form card though, so this could be one of the areas that EA will look at before FIFA 15 is out. 77 for passing is also pretty terrible, so don’t be surprised if Sanchez is given a small upgrade before the Autumn.

Take a look at the video below which offers an analysis into Sanchez on FIFA 14 after his upgrade to an 84 rating. Watch it and let us know if you agree he deserves a FIFA 15 upgrade before a potential move to Liverpool FC.



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