PS4 E3 2014 app, not live in UK

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 8, 2014

You can download the Sony PS4 E3 2014 app right now on the latest PlayStation console, but Sony didn’t make it too clear that the application is only available for the US at this time and UK PS4 owners don’t have access to it just yet.

The launch video for Sony’s new E3 2014 PS4 app can be seen below, which quickly explains you only need to login and download the app to get ready for a live stream of the PlayStation E3 press conference. You won’t get a lot of content within the app to start with, but when June 9 arrives you should be ready to login at 5:45PM PST for the PlayStation live press event.

There will also be many rewards to gain through the app from June 10, which includes access to PlayStation Now and many other gaming goodies. The PS4 E3 app will still be worth looking at after the livestream finishes thanks to in-depth developer interviews, exclusive gameplay, and more.

What’s your PS4 wishlist for E3 2014? We’ll keep checking if the UK version of the PS4 E3 2014 app goes live, but if you see it first then leave a comment below with your location and what time you saw it up for download.

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  • Holeybartender

    I want a new Silent Hill announcement exclusive to PS4. Once they went multiplat the series went Down Hill.