iOS 8 beta 2 for current problems

- Jun 8, 2014

There’s a number of iPad and iPhone issues needing a fix with iOS 8 beta 2. While we know this is an early beta it’s good to keep Product Reviews readers updated on how Apple’s new mobile OS is progressing with developers, so today we’ll highlight a few problems we’ve noticed in iOS 8 beta 1 needing a fix.

Photos in iOS 8 – there’s some subtle changes to taking photos in iOS 8 including the ability to do time lapse videos, but one problem we noticed was with what happens after you’ve taken a photo.


Normally, we’d be taken back to the camera roll with the latest snap being shown, although this isn’t the case within the first iOS 8 beta thanks to being taken to within All Photos. You then have to click All Phones on the top left, Albums, and then recently added. We hope to see this problem fixed in iOS 8 beta 2, especially before the Gold Master later on this year.

Settings crashing in iOS 8 – we noticed a similar issue with iOS 7 beta 1 crashing when opening the settings menu, and again this has happened with iOS 8 beta 1, although it’s not clear why this is happening and if it’s limited to just our developers install. The crashing stopped in early betas of iOS 7, so the same is hoped with the beta 2 or 3 of iOS 8.

There’s some other general crashing and freezing taking place within iOS 8 beta 1 as well, which we expect to improve once beta 2 is up for download. Sometimes we noticed the UI lagging when browsing native apps, 3rd party apps, and in the Safari browser. The certain 3rd party app issues might need a fix by the developer before iOS 8 is released to public around September 2014.

20 iOS 8 features

If you’re one of the 9 million Apple developers, then feel free to let us know how impressed you are with iOS 8 so far? Overall, Product Reviews has been impressed with the small changes in many important areas. You can watch a couple of videos showcasing some of the new iOS 8 features through the link in another article.

You can also see how the Spotlight Search has improved with more extensive results that make this the upgrade many iOS 7 users will look forward to.

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  • kyri

    The worst is the long carrier name bug, *introduced since 7.1

    The phone becomes slower and unresponsive once you are connected to a carrier name with a logo larger than 13 characters.

    Though it doesn’t cause any crashes, it makes the phone a bit slow and drains the battery faster as well .

    The problems occurs in a lesser degree even with Vodafone when you turn on 24hour system or whatever graphical interface so that the carrier name has less space and starts animating.

    obviously AT&T, O2 etc are immune to the bug.

    I haven’t came across a single phone that doesn’t have this problem , most people don’t even know though until they actually see the difference,

    if you have a long carrier name , remove your sim and play with your phone for a bit to see how much faster it is.

    if you have a simcard with a shorter name use that one instead!

    hopefully this will be solved with beta 2!!

  • joe

    I try to print from iphone ios8, it prints but can’t read it. I am sure this is just a bug with the beta version.

  • Jw

    My Touch ID doesn’t work with the beta, anyone else with this problem?

  • Raul Flores

    It has more issues than those displayed here, please note IT IS A BETA! So all this problems are expected cause its a software thats is STILL under development:

    * Settings: Crash when open.
    * 3rd Party apps “sliders” don’t work (like facebook filters when you slide to choose one)
    * Touch ID and Passcode Bypass… Happened once, I just slide to unlock and gave me access without asking for my fingerprint or passcode.
    * 3rd Party apps lag.
    * Links that should open on an specific app, instead takes you to the appstore.
    * Keyboard sounds get too loud randomly.
    * Settings: Everytime you exit a section it takes you to the top menu instead of keeping you on that level of the section you went in.
    * 3rd Party apps: Sometimes the apps are messy and looks scrambled.
    * 3rd Party apps: Some of them just doesn’t work.
    * Clock: When you set a timer, randomly it gets reset.
    * Randoms reboots (Happened twice).

    Anyways this first Beta is far more stable… big time! than the first beta for iOS7. That WAS crappy. Battery life has improved on my 5s with iOS8, animations are more fluid and a lil bit more speedy. It has great new features thats are going to make a lot of people happy.

    I´ve have already signed for testing keyboards, and Im really looking forward to work with extensions.

    • Raul Flores

      Also Passbook does not retrieve my saved passes on iCloud.

      • Raul Flores

        Those with battery issues, or getting a lot of reboots and stuff. Do a clean install, it makes the Beta work better.

        Clean Install: Restore with iOS 8 and manually add everything back, do not use the iCloud backup. Start fresh.

    • AppT

      No, these are not expected. It is true that betas are not expected to be good, but to say that the issues we are having is expected is not correct.

      In mail, if I want to edit/select mail to delete, as I select, the selections go away, even mail items go away. Exact same issue in iOS 7 beta. So are you saying we should expect this and other errors in every iOS release?

      I am not trying to lash at you, only saying that it is not expected. As a developer, betas should be relatively stable. New features are even pretty good. To get a beta and have nearly everything fail immediately isn’t a ready-for-test beta.

      Soooo many issues with iOS 8 for me and iPhone 5S. Yes, I report them. Trying to help. Texting is random if it works or if it will let me type everything I want before getting confused and jumbling text. Tried to use a few of my common apps and they just crash. Well, Apple-crash.. simply and quietly go away and show home screen like nothing happened.

      Dying for release version, and even liking iOS 8 features. But to say this is all expected isn’t accurate.

      Please don’t take this as an insult. If you do, then let me apologize up front.

      • Raul Flores

        No, is not an insult at all. I respect your opinion. But this problems have been normal on the very first betas since iOS 4. This is the most stable Beta so far, iOS 7 was a mess. Don’t expect better stability before Seed 3 or 4. In my personal experience I haven´t had too much problems on my 5S, and as you should know, Betas work best if you make a clean install, don’t use iCloud Backup. Do that, and you will have a different experience.

  • Patrick Akridge

    Its an alright beta. Whenever I go into a menu and exit out of it, it brings me to the top of the page. Def. a bug but this one and others will be fixed in the future.

  • Sarah John


  • 1.21 jigawatts

    For a Beta 1 its solid. Yes some APPs don’t work and yes it does crash and freeze but thats part of the game. Anyone that knows what a Beta truly is knows the risks. It will get more stable over the next few months as bugs are fixed by Apple and Apps are updated by developers. But for a start it looks promising.

  • BxK12

    App Store location services DRAIN my battery in an hour flat

    • Raul Flores

      Try doing a clean install.

  • Liam

    I’m an app developer. Not too impressed many many apps crash but I’m time the OS will become more stable so im downgrading while I still can and waiting for beta 5 or 6

    • Navod Wickramaratne

      Hard to believe that came out of a developer. You know the APIs get changed and current apps are more likely to get screwed. I think iOS 8 beta 1 is far more stable than iOS 7 beta 1.

      • Alex


  • Ryan

    setting whatsapp camera app crashing when u take a photo in camera n then go look at the photo in photos app n zoom in pic changes colour n mail is also crashing will not let delete msgs more than one

  • Syed Ali

    The mail app is pretty buggy…. When you try to move mail between folders it crashes… Not to mention going from bold to regular font or vice versa makes the phone flicker and do weird things … Hope they fix these issues in the next beta.