GTA V Online down with June maintenance

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 8, 2014

You can expect Grand Theft Auto V’s Online mode to go down for a short amount of time during some scheduled maintenance for June. This planned down time comes right before gamers expected to see a GTA Online Heists update, although a longer wait is expected for the new GTA V DLC thanks to maintenance work continuing until June 11.

The message left within Rockstar Games support pages can be seen below, which explains the maintenance work started yesterday and would be one reason a few of our readers had problems connecting to GTA Online. If you noticed any outage, then it shouldn’t have been for a long period of time and could result in connection issues when playing multiplayer with friends.


Rockstar also state another maintenance slot is planned today that will take place from 11PM to 5AM Monday, June 9. This can result in GTA V Online down time, although it’s stressed that the servers will only be temporarily unavailable during “some of this period”.

There’s a number of messages you might experience during the maintenance including “Rockstar Cloud Services are unavailable”, or login errors when connecting to certain services like saving to the Rockstar Cloud.

Have you had any connections problems with GTA V online during the time slots allocated? If you do see the service go down, feel free to leave a comment and understand the issues should only be temporarily.

We should point out there is two more slots after the maintenance planned for later today. You can see these in the above image, although both don’t have completion times thanks to these waiting to be confirmed. This GTA V online maintenance will no doubt help set the stage for the Heists DLC to launch before the end of spring.

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    They Need To Put Some Chevys On GTA V!

  • jerry

    Thats good trying to add new stuff for the game an get rid of the hackers thats why I really stop playin gta 5 because of them frfr

  • Robbed

    I am Very Upset, I had a nicee Jester that I upgraded and Now its Not In My Garage ? Plud My Biftaa ! This is not fair I understand the technical issues but why take away my cars ??..
    & Some of my Money? .. thats just wrong PSN : GiieGiie