Cartoon HD app tweets after closed down

- Jun 8, 2014

What a week it has been for Cartoon HD app users after it was taken down forever, but what thousands knew another equal amount had no idea thanks to the weekend being their time to watch movies with the family.

Today, we’ve seen a surge in tweets about GappCenter and the Cartoon HD app not working anymore. Some of these social messages are from people just trying to find something to do now they don’t have Cartoon HD, although those with a good sense of humor are posting some entertaining tweets about Cartoon HD now that it’s closed down.

Have you be posting tweets and Facebook status updates about Cartoon HD this weekend? Have you only just found out the app was taken down? We’ve featured a number of tweets below that we found both interesting and revealing of how much people miss the application for Android or iOS.

As you can see by the above tweets, it is clear that this weekend would have been a great time for many to use the Cartoon HD app. People love to get things for free and if it is hurting certain companies and not technically legal, then sadly you shouldn’t expect it to stay around for long in this day and age.

Others are even recommending the likes of Showbox as one app alternative when looking for an Android replacement, again this might be taken down soon as we mentioned in a post earlier today.

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  • neblap

    The Showbox that people are talking about is not the app on the Play Store, it is a totaly different app!

    This app allows people to stream films and tv programmes, the iOS version of this app is called Moviebox, but you need to either be jailbroken or have a RegMyUDID account to install it.
    Both of these apps offer a greater variaty of movies and TV shows than Cartoon HD, but do need a solid connection to work!