Xbox One vs. PS4 for E3 backwards compatibility

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 7, 2014

Both Sony and Microsoft will be talking backwards compatibility at E3 2014, although when it comes to Xbox One vs. PS4 the way this is achieved will be very different. The PS4 has PlayStation Now beta, but obviously it is not native backwards compatibility like some people hope to see with an Xbox One software update, although it’s unlikely to happen natively.

The latest development seems to be for Xbox One backwards compatibility to be able to play Xbox 360 games on the latest generation, and this possibility comes thanks to a tweet by Phil Spencer. Most of our readers will know Spencer well by following his Twitter channel, but in a nutshell this guy is the Head of Xbox and his words count.

While Spencer hasn’t come out and said for certain that Xbox One is going to be able to play 360 games after E3 2014, the tweet above is as good as it gets for confirming backwards compatibility is coming to Xbox One.

Are you bothered if Xbox One backwards compatibility is native or not? The PS4 has PS Now in beta right now on an invite only basis, and we’ve seen the potential in this service allowing PS3 games to be played on PS4. Sadly, it’s not native compatibility for older games but we’ll take it over nothing.

There’s no doubt backwards compatibility is a deal breaker for some people waiting to purchase an Xbox One vs. PS4. Some gamers even stuck with the last generation just for playing Grand Theft Auto 5, and we know many of you have a long list of games you still want to play from your PS3 or Xbox 360 collection.

E3 is going to be massive this year. Microsoft and Sony have the best chance of 2014 to “steal the show”, now we wait to see what the biggest news will be and some Xbox One fans are counting on a better method for backwards compatibility to be exactly the news they’re waiting for.

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  • Guest

    Would you be able to connect online gaming at 10/100/1000 even though the 360 is only capable of 10/100? Would there be capatibility issues?

  • stewie

    unless i can download the ps3/360 games i currently own and play FOR FREE to play on a ps4/one or they make the necessary updates to make this an option (ps4 only as i believe the architecture of the one is completely different than the 360) i have no interest in either new console

  • JaFooli

    What’s the point of PlayStation Now when it’s going to be available for USA only, not Canada or any other country. Microsoft at least if they go through with the backwards compatibility thing it will be for other places not just one place. I’m a PlayStation user my self and hate the Xbox but still my respect went up a little for Microsoft just because of this. Sony please kick Microsoft’s ass this time too with some better news concerning this backwards compatibility topic!

    • capppernaught

      Okay.. So because you can’t access Play Station Now then it’s pointless for anyone else? I though Canadians were the opposite of us Americans when it came to egos, lol.

      • JaFooli

        No sir, you’re right its not pointless. But what is pointless is you bringing up this stereotype. I don’t know about the ego thing, but Americans being very ignorant is a sure thing. And that my friend is a fact!

        By the way, I got my answer at E3.
        Thank you and have a nice day.

        • capppernaught

          You contradict yourself and are very sure of yourself, no mater the fact. You sure you are not American?

        • JaFooli

          So, you’re not ignorant? Is that what I am suppose to understand from your replies? I don’t see how I contradicted my self. If you mean by me saying it’s not pointless then there is no contradiction. I simply got my answer and I replied back letting you know that. But your ignorance is a fact based on your replies, it’s just something any person whether it be a Canadian, a Mexican, a Kazakhstanian or any other person from any other country other then USA can see.

        • ChrisWright1993

          No you contradicted yourself by saying about him stereotyping and then you stereotyped him haha wow just wow

        • JaFooli

          Hey, in my defence I pointed out that it’s a fact. I may have slightly contradicted my self, but not to the point where I just blurt out a stereotype because that’s what I’ve heard about americans. I’ve seen, met, talked with enough Americans to know how much truth the stereotype holds. I have a feeling he hasn’t had much encounters with many Canadians to actually know much about us. Especially since he wrote “I though Canadians were the opposite of us Americans when it came to egos, lol.” Keywords: I thought.
          The difference in my contradiction and his is simple, he thought, but I know.

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Can’t wait for E3.