Timing GTA V update for E3 date

By Alan Ng - Jun 7, 2014

As most of you are aware, the countdown is now on for the highly anticipated GTA V 1.14 update on PS3 and Xbox 360. Rockstar has until the end of Spring to deliver the missing GTA V Heists release and now fans are convinced that the update will land on the main day of E3 2014.

You won’t need us to remind you how long Rockstar has taken to get this single piece of content out for the game. We are surprised too that it has taken so long to come out, but even more surprised that we haven’t even heard a single piece of information regarding GTA V story DLC.

As we told you in a previous article, Rockstar are highly likely to release their next GTA Online patch on Tuesday June 10 or if not, Tuesday June 17 as the last option.

We usually see new GTA V updates from Rockstar on a Tuesday, which is why fans are now starting to get excited. We could just be a few days away from GTA V 1.14, if Rockstar decides to launch the next patch on the same day as E3 2014.

A lot of fans predict the update could come next Tuesday, the date E3 2014 starts and the day in which we’ll see many live conferences from the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

The E3 date for the next GTA V update would be a logical move in our opinion and it would be an ideal way for Rockstar to make their presence known during E3 – an event where they typically don’t make an appearance year after year.

Are you hopeful that the next GTA Online patch will land during E3 2014, or do you think Rockstar will keep gamers waiting until the very end of Spring and deliver Heists on June 17 instead?

Let’s just hope that the update is worthwhile after such a long delay. Give us your thoughts and expectations below.

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  • Brian B

    The update will be released later this afternoon. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Convergence87

    I think its too little too late.

    • Nate Stross

      Then don’t play the game

  • Trevor Phillips

    Gta online is the most over hyped piece of trash I have ever played . Rockstar has lost my respect and future business .

    • walty

      Sure they are going to miss the £40 you give them every few years

      • Hoowad

        He made his name Trevor Phillips, I’m sure he’ll get over it.

    • Nate Stross

      Then don’t play it, sadass

    • OhHi

      – Minus one buyer, millions more to go, get over it. We just. Do. Not. Care.

  • yuninAiko

    well if u have custom music u will upgrade fast on gta v

  • ShadowManEnigma

    I don’t know what this 1.14 is supposed to be.Is it just more cars and stuff,or is it FINALLY the single player DLC?

    • Q

      It’s heists!

    • Nate Stross

      Neither. It’s a promised last piece of GTA Online spring update, which is a long awaited heists

      • Kyle

        No, it’s the “I’m Not a Hipster” Update.

  • Dr.Hax

    Uhh, I say the 17th. Rockstar is just made up of a bunch of procrastinators.

  • ps3 Allday

    All i need is for gta v to have pets (ps3)

  • Nate Stross

    1.14 will be no earlier than June 17th, because R* always announces their updates a week prior to their release

    • Willem

      not a full week mostly wednesday/thursday announcement Tuesday always release!! but figured anyway that they will release it on the tuesday before their self proposed deadline

      • Nate Stross

        There is a difference between week and 7 days

        • Kyle

          No, a week has 7 days, so a week and 7 days are the same. Like how a year and 365 days are the same, a leap year and 366 days are the same, or how a month and 30-31 days are the same. You’re the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen!

  • Eric

    I think they should add san fierro and las venturas and each city should be connected by land only

    • Nate Stross

      They already stated, there won’t be any extra landscape DLCs.

      • GtaInsider

        Clearly you have been not listening to Rockstar.
        Before the game even released they stated and I quote.
        “We will not be making another GTA in the series until we have accomplished what we want to do with online, later in GTA Onlines lifetime we will be adding new places to visit”

        So no landscape DLC’s huh?
        You can never rule anything out because Rockstar NEVER said there would be no Landscape DLC’s

  • Nekochan

    A PC version would be what most PC gamers are expecting. around 700000 have signed the petition and at $80 a copy for everyone who signed the petition there is at least $56,000,000 to be had if they port it over and quite possibly more.

    • egun

      nope, most will torrent I Believe

      • Nate Stross

        This here

        PC experience will be worst possible

        PC has a lot more hackers and out of that 700k people, only about 15% would actually buy it

        Plus where does this 80$ per copy comes from?
        The copy of the game would be 60$

        • What nonsense. Why would it be?

          The MP on GTA4 is fine and performs much better than on consoles, higher player caps.. And it’ll sell great on PC. Not as well as consoles, but a lot of people have consoles + PC so aren’t likely to buy again.

          BitTorrent isn’t going to help with GTAV online if Rockstar do things right.

        • nate

          I’ll probably torrent to test the performance on my PC. GTA IV was very poorly optimized and I don’t want to spend money for a game I can’t play. I will gladly pay for it if it works well lol

        • Nate Stross

          It will be worst experience because unlike consoles where punishment for hacking/modding is extremely severe up to blocking a console, PC has no consequences.
          And PC is the easiest platform to perform hacks on

          In addition, by far not everyone has a decent computer to play video games. Not everyone are 2000$ PC Elitists you know. And PC minimum specs requirement will be way higher than consoles.

          So yes
          PC experience of GTA Online will be horrible

        • Kyle

          That’s why you can play in a lobby with your friends and others who you know won’t put in hacks.

      • supersungin

        Minecraft PC reaches 15M copies sold, total sales approaching 50M,but you are right,keep this stupid agenda as much as you like.

        • Nate Stross

          You’re am idiot hope you realize that.

        • Kyle

          He may be an idiot, but you’re an idiot too. 🙂

        • minecraftexpert

          15m copies at like $20 a copy would be 300M not 50

  • Willem

    For sure on 17th, if heists dlc 1.14 doesn’t add a lot more content a lot of fans will be dissapointed. ( me and my friends are at least)

    hope it will bring back a lot of what was in beta also… horses, basketball etc… the badly wanted anti tank mines or rockets that do more damge than rpg..

    Not even starting on the bikers, cars, stunt, houses or miitary DLC they should also add.

    San Andreas had so much more to do, without any dlc’s…. “sigh”.. guess we just have to be patience and hope they will be able to stop the BAD hackers/modders.

    • There were horses? :O

    • Nate Stross

      Don’t forget that one game company works on a huge Story DLC and two other IPs.

      Still wondering why you ain’t getting much content for each GTA Online update or do I need to explain it to you individually?