Luis Suarez stays at LFC after FIFA 15 trailer

By Alan Ng - Jun 7, 2014

It looks like EA are preparing to unveil FIFA 15 soon. We know that a new game releases every year to coincide with the new season and now we are just days away from the official FIFA 15 trailer.

As we predicted way back in April, we thought it would be very likely that Luis Suarez would be chosen as the FIFA 15 cover star. This is the player that has scooped up all of the main end of season awards for the Premiership season and usually EA bases their decision on a cover star around this.

This week, we have seen EA give an example of this. The first FIFA 15 footage has been released and it shows Luis Suarez taking a free-kick in Liverpool FC colors. There are still big rumors suggesting that Suarez will leave for Real Madrid in a world-record £100 million fee, but for the moment he remains a LFC player in EA’s eyes.

With Luis Suarez starring in the first FIFA 15 trailer, we think it will be a no-brainer that he is selected as the main cover star for the FIFA 15 UK cover. Obviously different cover stars will be chosen for EU and US versions, but Suarez will certainly be on the UK cover in some form or another.

EA has promised that the full FIFA 15 trailer will go live on June 9 during E3 2014. Watch the teaser here and let us know your thoughts on Luis Suarez being the main man for EA this year – does he deserve it finally after all of the hate?

Also, we would love to hear your FIFA 15 wishlist after we have already seen some fears on social media suggesting that it will look and feel too similar to FIFA 14.

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  • brandon

    Definitely deserves it been the best player all season. No controversies this season he has changed alot.

  • Wak

    If he is on the front cover or trailer it doesn’t matter. do you not remember the cover that came out initially for fifa14 with bale on it in a spurs top!

  • DustovGenius

    Best player in the world currently. Of course he will be on main cover. Its just a simple tweak for them to stick him in a RM shirt. But I bloody well hope not!

    • NgTurbo

      Better than Ronaldo?

      • DustovGenius

        Dunno, got me on that one. Going on awards this season and the fact I’m a Liverpool fan , yes, Suarez just edges it for me. Very different styles but both incredible players. And very effective in what they do and how they do it.

  • keep Faith And YNWA!

    he deserves to be in FIFA 15

    • jeus

      Says the Liverpool fan.