iOS 8 features the search users want

- Jun 7, 2014

The new iOS 8 beta features a search most of Product Reviews readers always wanted thanks to a nice upgrade with Spotlight search, which is accessed with a simple swipe down on iPad and iPhone. We’ve had a quick hands-on and agree that this is finally the search we’ve wanted on an iOS device.


You can see an iPad mini screenshot above that was taken while running iOS 8 beta 1. When you swipe down on the iPad in iOS 8 you’ll see some text explaining what’s new to Spotlight Search, and the fact users can not only search their iPad, but also suggestions from the Internet, locations, movie showtimes, iTunes App Store, and much more.

There’s a setting tab to change what Spotlight Search will give you in terms of results, so if you want something removed then this is possible by heading to the correct settings menu.

iOS 8 Spotlight Search in iPad landscape view – when you’re in the wide-viewing mode for iPad the keyboard will appear the wrong way up if you swipe down for Spotlight Search, and this is something Apple should fix in a future iOS 8 beta to allow users to type a search in landscape mode. You can see a screenshot revealing this problem below.


Will you likely keep all the default settings for iOS 8’s new search, or would you prefer some things not to be there? You will also find the improved search functions within Safari’s new smart search field.

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