GTA V Online UFO mod reason for sightings

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 7, 2014

During the single player Grand Theft Auto V game you’ve no doubt seen a UFO or alien at some point, especially those of you that have played for many hours and followed the missions. When it ones GTA V’s Online mode it seems like a number of Xbox 360 users have been tweeting about UFO sightings, which they couldn’t explain thanks to not hacking the game themselves.

The exact reason why some Xbox 360 gamers, not PS3, are seeing GTA V UFOs in Online can be explained and we have embedded a video below doing just that. The Truth is thanks to a GTA V UFO mod reaching online players, it then infects all Xbox online players in that lobby/game and spreads to others when they interact with other infected players.

Have you seen UFOs in GTA V online and if so, we’re guessing you’re on an Xbox 360? Take a look at the video below explaining in more detail how the insane sightings started and why you might be seeing a UFO in GTA online. There’s a chance the GTA V 1.14 patch or next online update could fix these issues, although we’ll have to wait and see.

GTA V evidence of Aliens and UFO

It is also worth noting that we found lots of evidence in GTA V for aliens and our readers have seen the strong UFO/alien story within the latest Grand Theft Auto game as well. This sets the stage for that part of the GTA V story to be expanded on with DLC in the near future.

Bottom-line: The UFO sightings in GTA Online are due to an infection mod hitting Xbox 360 owners.

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  • ZBmo210

    It was a cool thing to see at first but after crashing into it more than a few couple times at the highest speed the car or motorcycle can go, it gets pretty annoying. The weird part is, its sometimes there and sometimes not. I see them maybe only twice every day (irl)… Which I find weird if its suppose to save to my console

  • GiveMeMod?

    I’ve seen a UFO. But it was in an intersection, just sitting there. It also had some type force field. I also stood on top of the UFO with a helicopter.

    • ZBmo210

      Thats what the infection mode is. Its at an intersection (fairly close to the rooftop rumble mission’s parking garage) and who ever made the mod made the bottom way to big so the “force field” is an invisible chunk of the ufo. And yeah it doesn’t move… I dont think the person who wrote this exactly knew what he was talking about. Or by flying he meant floating in the air.

      • GiveMeMod?

        Once I learn to program. I’ll make mods and stuff and probably share them. I might make it the easiest modding website.