Countdown to FIFA 14 World Cup Challenges

It isn’t entirely clear what the FIFA 14 World Cup Challenges will bring when they arrive on Xbox One, PS4, and other consoles when the 2014 FIFA World Cup starts. This option can be seen after you install the FIFA 14 World Cup update that appeared for download recently, although no further details are given in-game.

You can see an Xbox One screenshot above of the “FIFA World Cup Challenges” option found after clicking the new World Cup mode, which then offers up the choice of a FIFA World Cup Match, Ultimate Team, or the Challenges mode that has a countdown with only 5 days left at the time of writing.

When you click this Challenges mode a popup message appears stating, “This will be available after the 2014 FIFA World Cup starts”. When the 5 days are up, we will of course take a closer look at the new Challenges menu and publish some screens revealing just what players get to do after the World Cup starts.


How are you spending your time preparing during the 2014 World Cup countdown? Remember to download the latest FIFA app update, print a PDF schedule, or leave a comment below with how you’re getting ready for the tournament this year.



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