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Cartoon HD apk addiction danger

Most of you will now be aware that the Cartoon HD app is down and is gone forever. We have told you about this in several updates and now it looks like Cartoon HD replacements are coming thick and fast with other content providers trying to offer similar apps to Cartoon HD.

You need to be careful though as we have seen that there are other developers out there who won’t mind supplying your Android or iPhone device with malware, disguised as a new Cartoon HD link.

It’s not difficult to do a quick search on Twitter to find that there are other services who are claiming to be the new Cartoon HD. Remember though that Cartoon HD is not working for a logical reason – pirated and copyrighted content.

The crackdown was always going to happen at some point and the ‘kill list’ which we told you about here appears to have targeted Cartoon HD and other websites at the exact same point.

This now puts the spotlight on similar programs such as Popcorn Time, Showbox and Flixanity – all of which claim to offer a way for users to enjoy movies and TV shows for free.

While we don’t condone this, we do want to point out that many users on social media are now tempting other users to try Cartoon HD apk links, as well as links to other apps – apps that are not safe for installation on your mobile device.

We have seen how popular Cartoon HD is, but is the temptation for free content really worth installing another app that could specifically obtain your personal data? We are just warning you of the dangers ahead in going down this route, we’re sure most of you are aware of any risks in installing unofficial apps on your device.

Have you decided that your time is now over with Cartoon HD and will give up on looking for a Cartoon HD alternative? Let us know if you have also spotted some potentially dangerous clones that claim to offer a similar service.



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