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The Mayo Clinic iPad, iPhone apps in iOS 7

Apple had already hinted that iOS 8 would focus on health, as this seems to be the future of apps and upcoming wearable’s. This was confirmed on Monday during the WWDC event, as Apple showcased HealthKit, and explained how it will change how we think about our health.

iOS 7 already has some great apps in order to help keep us healthy, although iOS 8 will go much further by taking information from a range of health apps and then making them available in one convenient place.

Apple knows that it is important to have the likes of Mayo Clinic on side and even used them as an example during its keynote on Monday. They said that HealthKit would revolutionize how the health industry interacts with people, and is proud to be at the forefront thanks to its range of Mayo Clinic app.

There is already a selection of Mayo Clinic iPad and iPhone apps running iOS 7. There are nine in all for the iPhone and seven for the iPad, all of which have been optimized for each device.

The Mayo Clinic iPad, iPhone

Mayo Clinic iPhone apps – Patient, Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy, CV CME, AnxietyCoach, Mayo Clinic Care Network Provider, TransFuse CS, ContrastTx, Mayo Clinic About Birth Control: Options for You and Mayo Clinic Pre-Bariatric Surgery.

Mayo Clinic iPad apps – Patient, Mayo Clinic Discovery’s Edge, CV CME, TransFuse, Mayo Clinic Care Network Provider, Mayo Alumni and finally Mayo Clinic About Birth Control: Options for You.



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