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Sky Force 2014 for Android and iOS

It’s been a decade since Sky Force was first released on PDA devices, so it is finally nice to see Infinite Dreams bring this much loved game to mobile devices. Sky Force 2014 has now been made available for Android and iOS, and it is clear to see that the developer has made something truly special.

The game sees you take control of a lone fighter, whose job it is to shoot your way through various levels, where you will also meet big bosses in order to progress further. You can also upgrade your ship and weapons so you can take on even tougher battles.

Sky Force 2014 is a combination of years of work because Infinite Dreams knew that fans of the franchise would not want any old app being rushed, and so needed to be something very special, which you can see for yourself in the video we embedded for your viewing pleasure below.

Sky Force 2014

Some of the main Sky Force 2014 features include multiple extreme boss battles, having to risk everything in order to save civilians, all-new tournaments against other Sky Force 2014 players will be released on a weekly basis, the option to rescue fallen opponents in order to gain additional lives and stars, and much more.

You can download Sky Force 2014 for Android on the Google Play Store, or for iOS, more details of which are available on iTunes.

Please give this app a go and let us know if it has been worth the wait.



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